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Maximize Business Profitability With Artificial Intelligence

What is Mrkt365?

Mrkt365 is a digital marketing platform that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to maximize business profitability. The platform scans a website, identifies opportunities, and recommends personalized marketing opportunities. Once an opportunity is present, Mrkt365 will utilize its extensive database to match the user to the affiliated vendor which can provide the best results.

How It Works


MRKT365 Platform strategically scans your website


MRKT365 Platform will identify various opportunities present


MRKT365 Platform will recommend personalized marketing opportunities


MRKT365 Platform recommends the right vendor for the job


You choose to conduct the work in house or through qualified vendors

Stay on the Leading Edge of Digital Marketing

MRKT365’s machine learning and artificial intelligence is consistently providing personalized insights on user experience, search engine guidelines, and best SEO practices. 

1. User Experience

What does the user want to see? Is your website mobile friendly? Is it easy to find? Are you targeting the right demographic? It is not only important, but critical to ensure the user has an optimal experience with your company or brand. MRKT365 understand this.

2. Search Engine Guidelines

Whether it's Google, Yahoo or Bing, MRKT365 knows what search engines want and need to crawl your website. We ensured our platform will be able to detect, recommend, and implement any red flags that can cause serious damage to your online presence. 

3. Best SEO Practices

MRKT365 knows the ins and outs of onsite and offsite SEO. Not only does the platform provide strategic advice on core search engine tactics, it also possesses the best SEO techniques learned over the last 10 years. Guess what? This is the very own platform that was used to judge the world wide WIX SEO competition. 

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